Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: What should I do if I forget my login password?

Please contact our PEARS Administrator via email at or phone at (852) 3910 3043 / 3910 3046. We will generate the auto-email for you.

Q: Why I did not receive the password email from PEARS?

Please check your spam or junk mail folder

Q: Why my login was locked?

The maximum login attempt was 6. Please contact PEARS Administrator for assistance.

Q: I am leaving the company, how can I deactivate my PEARS account?

It is your responsibility to deactivate your PEARS account if you no longer handle the study. Please inform our PEARS Administrator. Please click here to download the User Account Form and return it to PEARS at We will inform you once we have inactivated the account for you.

Q: Which web browsers may be used for PEARS and viewing IRB submission documents?

PEARS is most compatible with Internet Explorer 11.

Q: Should I submit local SAE via PEARS?

No. Please contact the PEARS Administrator directly for the purpose.

Q: Why I cannot find my study at PEARS?

The study may be pending for REC approval or you have not been granted the right for viewing the study information. Please contact the PEARS Administrator for assistance.

Q: Can I cancel the dispatched safety report?

You cannot cancel the dispatched items if the ethics submission documents have been compiled by our PEARS Administrator. Before this compilation, you can cancel the items with a reason for audit trail purpose.


For enquiries about PEARS, you may contact our PEARS Administrator via: email at or phone at (852) 3910 3043 / 3910 3046.